Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kinky Fibers Everywhere

I first wrote about chemtrail-birthed kinky-fibers 5 years ago and they continue falling –more now than ever. When dust accumulates in the house, fibers are everywhere - particularly on the surface of bathtubs and dry sink bowls. They show up beautifully on white surfaces and are also visible on the car wind-shield. It’s a must to wear reading glasses when viewing. They are so very tiny one can easily over look them.

I recall the first time I saw teeny tiny fibers floating under the area where several Stratocasters were laying out chemtrails. I stared upward and spontaneously went into wide-focus viewing which allowed me to see the entire sky filled with tiny, kinky fibers free-falling through space. I was flabbergasted. (A description of wide focus viewing is presented in detail in “Seeing Beyond the Obvious” found on the Commentary page of this website.)

I don’t know what the fibers are but I’ve read patents regarding aerosoling technology that say suspending fibers in the upper atmosphere requires highly toxic barium and aluminum in the mixture. (See “Poisoned Skies” in the Commentary section of this website.)

I have two little dogs who appear to be affected by chemtrails. They are not alone. Several days ago I sneezed most of the day and both dogs had upset stomachs. Their tummies are excellent barometers of how much poison is aloft.

The internet is full of info on this generally ignored subject including who is aerosoling us and why. I wonder if chemtrails will be recognized as a fact in my lifetime. Probably not! As long as the general population continues to ignore a regularly occurring display of such panoramic magnitude, nothing will be said or done by the mainstream media or the government. Are the undulating masses too hypnotized to look up and realize something’s not right with the strange, expanding trails across the sky?

Ignore is the root of ignorance and we habitually ignore what we don’t wish to see. It’s called creative reality and works well for the imprisoned but not so well for preserving freedoms. Something ignored does not simply vanish. As determined-energy it grows, expands, transforms , crystallizes as it maintains its destiny.

Clifford Carnicom in Santa Fe is a leading authority on all aspects of the chemtrail phenomenon. At his web site one finds a wealth of information on the subject including analysis of various bacteria and plasma associated with the particles that touch-down. And there are archives of correspondence to Congress, Oprah, Amy Goodman, Presidents etc from concerned citizens. If nothing else it’s an interesting read.