Friday, December 4, 2009

Vibrating Strangely

My first vibrating experience was in Santa Fe at Lynne’s house where I was up most of the night feeling like a vibrating bed. Very strange indeed and hard to believe at the time.

Since then I’ve had the night-vibes at home in Taos several times. There are no other symptoms associated with these events: I’m a healthy person who hasn’t been to a Dr. in many years.

Recently Lynne spent the night with me in Taos. I was hopeful she would get some relief from Santa Fe vibrating. Not so! I vibrated so hard I thought I might levitate and Lynne had a similar experience. Later I spoke with a friend in Atlanta by phone. He was quite surprised to learn we were having vibrating experiences similar to his own. I have since discovered that lots of folks are vibrating at night. Check it out on the internet.

Unfortunately shrinks are advising patients to get psychiatric help with their vibrating. Don’t waste your money – unless you have a history of dis-ease or mental problems. Nothing will be discovered, no relief achieved and the Dr. will be the only one to benefit.

In a way it was natural for vibrating to occur on the south side of Santa Fe between Los Alamos and Sandia Labs which is the heart of Star Wars development. Also, supposedly the area between Albuquerque and Santa Fe is under exploration for oil and gas. This being the case, H.A.A.R.P could be the culprit. But why is there vibrating in Taos and Atlanta? The plot thickens.

Thich Nhat Hanh writes in “Interbeing” that the purpose of meditation and mindful breathing is to be aware of what’s going on, with the knowledge that what is happening in the world is going on in our selves. (Hegel would agree in terms of his zeitgeist theories.)This is certainly true in northern NM where strange activities have been developed and experienced for many years.

p.s. Have just been reading The Reconnection in which the remarkable Dr.Eric Pearl tells of his vibrating experiences. At the moment I can't find the quote in the book,
but he does say that his legs vibrated as he lay in bed at night. So fellow vibrators - we're in good company.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kinky Fibers Everywhere

I first wrote about chemtrail-birthed kinky-fibers 5 years ago and they continue falling –more now than ever. When dust accumulates in the house, fibers are everywhere - particularly on the surface of bathtubs and dry sink bowls. They show up beautifully on white surfaces and are also visible on the car wind-shield. It’s a must to wear reading glasses when viewing. They are so very tiny one can easily over look them.

I recall the first time I saw teeny tiny fibers floating under the area where several Stratocasters were laying out chemtrails. I stared upward and spontaneously went into wide-focus viewing which allowed me to see the entire sky filled with tiny, kinky fibers free-falling through space. I was flabbergasted. (A description of wide focus viewing is presented in detail in “Seeing Beyond the Obvious” found on the Commentary page of this website.)

I don’t know what the fibers are but I’ve read patents regarding aerosoling technology that say suspending fibers in the upper atmosphere requires highly toxic barium and aluminum in the mixture. (See “Poisoned Skies” in the Commentary section of this website.)

I have two little dogs who appear to be affected by chemtrails. They are not alone. Several days ago I sneezed most of the day and both dogs had upset stomachs. Their tummies are excellent barometers of how much poison is aloft.

The internet is full of info on this generally ignored subject including who is aerosoling us and why. I wonder if chemtrails will be recognized as a fact in my lifetime. Probably not! As long as the general population continues to ignore a regularly occurring display of such panoramic magnitude, nothing will be said or done by the mainstream media or the government. Are the undulating masses too hypnotized to look up and realize something’s not right with the strange, expanding trails across the sky?

Ignore is the root of ignorance and we habitually ignore what we don’t wish to see. It’s called creative reality and works well for the imprisoned but not so well for preserving freedoms. Something ignored does not simply vanish. As determined-energy it grows, expands, transforms , crystallizes as it maintains its destiny.

Clifford Carnicom in Santa Fe is a leading authority on all aspects of the chemtrail phenomenon. At his web site one finds a wealth of information on the subject including analysis of various bacteria and plasma associated with the particles that touch-down. And there are archives of correspondence to Congress, Oprah, Amy Goodman, Presidents etc from concerned citizens. If nothing else it’s an interesting read.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who Is Obama?

“Birds of a feather flock together” and some of the birds Obama appointed to his administration are unfortunate choices, particularly Sect. of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, past president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he played a key role in formulating monetary policies the entire world is suffering from currently. I mean really – is this gimpy dude the best Obama could come up with? Or was it really Obama who choose him?

Next we have the Monsanto contingent appointed to provide and protect our food supply and considering we are what we eat - we’re in serious trouble. Michael Taylor is the senior adviser to the commissioner of the FDA a position known as America’s Food Czar. Imagine that: a ‘food czar’ who oversaw Monsanto’s policy of putting genetically engineered bovine growth hormones (BGH) in milk. A quick google of Taylor reveals him as the long time go-between man for Monsanto and the U.S. government and currently at work spreading GM seed and agrochemicals throughout African markets.

Roger Beachy, appointed the first director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, is another doozy.Beachy is a plant scientist whose research led to the first GM crop. Beachy is the very heart of genetically modified food and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) applauded this appointment. If you’re unaware of the dangers of GM foods please read “Seeds of Deception”. Then read “Exposed” to learn the details of how other countries have fought hard to keep the deadly seeds out of their countries.

John P.Holdren is appointed Obama’s #1 science adviser.Holdren wrote“Ecoscience” a book advocating a Planetary Regime and World Army for the purpose of reducing the world’s population via mass sterilization and forced abortion.Holdren writes in “Ecoscience” that “adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods is a suggestion.” Go to to see many details regarding Holdren, his book and current policies.

The Chief Agriculture Negotiator, Islam A.Siddiqui, has the job of promoting American crops and Ag products abroad. According to the USTR this office “has overall responsibility for negotiations and policy coordination regarding agriculture.” See the Huffington Post at for details. As the Vice President of Crop Life America, a pesticide company,Siddiqui is dedicated to chem. based agriculture and is known as a Pesticide Pusher.

Perhaps other Obama appointments are sterling representatives for the people,
dedicated to the most good for the most of us.I sure hope so. But then I would ask what does Obama have against our dietary health – as suggested by the above mentioned appointments.

The Nobel award is absolutely stagger-making. How can this award go to a president currently contemplating sending 40,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, a country torn with war for centuries? They will be fighting amongst themselves long after we are all buried. It appears to be their way of life and I doubt change will happen by bombing our men and their women and children.

Nobel described the Peace Award recipient in his will as being "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations,for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Of course, Obama is not the only unfathomable recipient of this award.
At least it wasn't given to Bush.

How can the Peace prize be awarded to a president who refused to give audience to the Dali Lama? Obama's press secretary says Obama doesn't want to offend Chinese officials he will be visiting in a few days. Is this peace-action or catering to another evil empire? What ever happened at that get-together? Didn't hear any outcome-news.

What has Obama accomplished since being in office? Perhaps he is at an impasse with the puppeteers, those dudes behind the curtains who pull all the strings. For sure he has kept a bunch of speech writers busy crafting words for his endless scenarios. Perhaps they should have awarded Obama the prize for Literature.

To quote Michel Chossudovsky: "Granting the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama provides legitimacy to the illegal practices of war, to the military occupation of foreign lands, to the relentless killings of civilians in the name of "democracy".

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flightless(Injured) Wild Birds Caged for 10+ Years

Caring people who have worked at Animal Shelters in any capacity know animals caged for years go stir-crazy. Each animal’s craziness manifests in distinctly individual behavior. Some withdraw into a corner and stare into space, others become extremely aggressive and many execute repetitive actions called “stereotypes.” What about caged birds? Birds………whose very name is synonymous with freedom, are no different than any other animal.

Dr. Fox writes in “The New Animal Doctors Answer Book” that intelligent and curious birds go cage-crazy; “They can’t adapt to the privation of cage living.” But one doesn’t even need to hear it from a vet. It’s an obvious reality witnessed by anyone who has looked into the eyes of an isolated,long time caged wild bird particularly larger wild birds.

I recently had the experience of looking into the glazed, trance-like eyes of a bald-eagle, horned-owl, vulture and many others who had been caged since the ‘90s. They were caged in areas approximately 10 by 8 by 8 feet. They were alone and facing into the raging sun. In fact while I was present volunteers were busily spraying the birds with water to cool them down.

It has been months since I visited the Wildlife Center that featured the bird zoo, as I call it, because that is indeed what it is. I haven’t been able to get the sight out of my heart and mind. I asked the so-called bird folks who referred me to the Center what they thought about the place and not a one had ever visited. They send injured birds to the facility via a pick-up service. Furthermore I haven’t been able to talk anyone into dropping by and checking the place out.

The Center Director stated that the birds can no longer fly and are being used as teaching tools for visiting children's groups. But aren’t the children being taught cruelty to animals? It seems so to me! When a wild bird can no longer fly or experience any type of companionship with other birds why not do the kindest thing and put them down. That is certainly preferred to caging them for 10+ years as many of the birds I saw at the Center.

Currently the cages face west.They could be put on swivels and be turned away from the sun in summer and toward the sun in winter. Also the birds might enjoy having the cages open on more than one side so the wind could blow through the cage.

None of us can know for certain what these glorious creatures are experiencing. I have a feeling the eyes are the clue. The birds I saw were in a fixed stare into eternity. You could have snapped your fingers in front of their eyes and they might have remained frozen in a tranced out state.

Hopefully some of the teachers of the visiting groups will ask the students what they think of keeping a Bald Eagle or Horned Owl in a cage for 11 or so years. If they had asked me as a child I would have told them in no uncertain terms: it's cruel and inhumane.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Raven, Raven

I hear your call as night descends:
"Come play with me, come chase the wind."
I answer back: fly, fly away
Don't wait for me to join you.

Raven, Raven I hear your cry:
"I cannot leave without you."
Listen now my faithful friend:
You must go on without me.

Circling Raven fly away,
Pretend that I'm beside you.
Wise one, you must comprehend
I nevermore will soar again.


Early in the morning the sound of Ravens filled the air. I rushed outside to see a large group gathered on the roof of my neighbor’s house some 1000 feet away. It was obvious they were all speaking to one Raven who was situated in the center of the group with 4 Ravens on one side and 6 on the other. The one in the middle had a stretched out neck and appeared to be annoyed at their insistent urgings.

The ruckus continued for 4 days. The neighbors were out of town so I had no idea what was happening and thought if I went to investigate I would disturb whatever was underway. It looked from a distance they were urging her to fly away. Their cries seemed to say – move along, move along. But it wasn’t until the neighbors returned that I learned she had a badly injured wing.

She could still maneuver from roof to second story veranda where we observed her mate deliver lizards which she quickly devoured. Neighbor Ann put out a bowl of water and other food delights which she ate from time to time as we marveled at how well she got around with one wing hanging down, immobile.

On the 6th day the flock disappeared and only one Raven remained at her side. In the early morning she could be seen at the highest point on the roof with her mate perched on one of the outer vegas. We could see she wasn’t improving and decided to take her to a Wildlife Center to see if they could save her. This was a hard decision because we didn’t want to scare her to death or injure her further.

The morning of her capture I was concerned we might drive her down into the arroyo where coyotes were known to hang out. Armed with large towels, I was in front and Ann went around back. As soon as Ann disappeared around the house the Raven started hopping away from me. Then she stopped just as Ann became visible on the far side of her, singing “you are my sunshine” and dropped the towel over her body. Bless her glorious heart – she made no attempt to get away and kind of sighed and relaxed in Ann’s arms. She felt totally weightless as we placed her in a super large box for her hour long trip to the Vet.

We hoped the wing could be repaired and she would be released back in the area of her extended family but such was not to be the case. The following day we learned she had a compound fracture at the elbow and would never fly again. Even if she had been treated immediately, nothing could have been done for her. And, she was in a lot of pain.

For several days after her departure a solo Raven could be seen sitting on the roof or circling overhead. They say a Raven has only one mate in a life time and mourns the passing of a mate for many months. This Raven must have wondered what happened to her – she just disappeared into thin air, to be seen “nevermore

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Capital Reef Calls to Me

Spooky, surreal, mystical, magical, wondrous, captivating, isolated, meditative come to mind as the experience of Capitol Reef, one of the truly glorious places in the U.S. It is unlike any place visited and I haven’t encountered anyone who has heard of it. That’s strange for outback-savvy Taos where folks travel the 4 Corners area and Utah with some regularity. Perhaps they are captured by other glories in the area such as Zion National Park, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon and Monument Valley .

I’m unable to find much written about Capital Reef with the exception of the ’96 Rose Houk book that is out of print: “Capitol Reef, Canyon Country Eden”. I own this book and will share some of the information regarding geology and history of this paradise.

Capitol Reef takes its’ first name from the rounded white sandstone that caps Waterpocket Fold. The domes look like the U.S. Capitol building. Early pioneers found the Fold reminded them of barrier reefs in the ocean and so the name was born. It is said Capitol Reef attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The 3 times I visited – in November each time – I never saw a soul. as you can see from the photos included.

Navaho Sandstone is the backbone of Capitol Reef. This nearly pure quartz once existed as dunes in a deep sea that covered SE Utah and NE Arizona. Hiking the area one has a sense of being near or in the bowels of the earth or on a great ocean floor. The rocks are unimaginably fantastic. Be sure to look for the very round larva rock that dot the western approach along the Fold going toward Capitol Reef. They are scattered all over the area and look like bowling balls of giants.

We camped at Fruita. And what a wind blew up when setting up the tent. It was ferocious and quite cold. The moon was resting above the towering red cliffs as we rushed out to hike what we could before nightfall. Thrilling days and nights were experienced here.

The diversity is extreme with forbidding badland areas of hoodoos parallel with the Fremont River Valley full of lush green and rushing water falls. As seen in the included photos – one needs a reliable truck or SUV to make it through the narrow, rocky, mountainous terrain. In my travels I was always a tad nervous the SUV would get a flat or develop some other problem and there would be no help available for endless outback miles.

If you are headed to Grand Canyon be sure to cross over into Utah and see it all. Share with us your experiences in Capitol Reef and vicinity.