Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who Is Obama?

“Birds of a feather flock together” and some of the birds Obama appointed to his administration are unfortunate choices, particularly Sect. of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, past president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where he played a key role in formulating monetary policies the entire world is suffering from currently. I mean really – is this gimpy dude the best Obama could come up with? Or was it really Obama who choose him?

Next we have the Monsanto contingent appointed to provide and protect our food supply and considering we are what we eat - we’re in serious trouble. Michael Taylor is the senior adviser to the commissioner of the FDA a position known as America’s Food Czar. Imagine that: a ‘food czar’ who oversaw Monsanto’s policy of putting genetically engineered bovine growth hormones (BGH) in milk. A quick google of Taylor reveals him as the long time go-between man for Monsanto and the U.S. government and currently at work spreading GM seed and agrochemicals throughout African markets.

Roger Beachy, appointed the first director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, is another doozy.Beachy is a plant scientist whose research led to the first GM crop. Beachy is the very heart of genetically modified food and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) applauded this appointment. If you’re unaware of the dangers of GM foods please read “Seeds of Deception”. Then read “Exposed” to learn the details of how other countries have fought hard to keep the deadly seeds out of their countries.

John P.Holdren is appointed Obama’s #1 science adviser.Holdren wrote“Ecoscience” a book advocating a Planetary Regime and World Army for the purpose of reducing the world’s population via mass sterilization and forced abortion.Holdren writes in “Ecoscience” that “adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods is a suggestion.” Go to to see many details regarding Holdren, his book and current policies.

The Chief Agriculture Negotiator, Islam A.Siddiqui, has the job of promoting American crops and Ag products abroad. According to the USTR this office “has overall responsibility for negotiations and policy coordination regarding agriculture.” See the Huffington Post at for details. As the Vice President of Crop Life America, a pesticide company,Siddiqui is dedicated to chem. based agriculture and is known as a Pesticide Pusher.

Perhaps other Obama appointments are sterling representatives for the people,
dedicated to the most good for the most of us.I sure hope so. But then I would ask what does Obama have against our dietary health – as suggested by the above mentioned appointments.

The Nobel award is absolutely stagger-making. How can this award go to a president currently contemplating sending 40,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, a country torn with war for centuries? They will be fighting amongst themselves long after we are all buried. It appears to be their way of life and I doubt change will happen by bombing our men and their women and children.

Nobel described the Peace Award recipient in his will as being "the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations,for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." Of course, Obama is not the only unfathomable recipient of this award.
At least it wasn't given to Bush.

How can the Peace prize be awarded to a president who refused to give audience to the Dali Lama? Obama's press secretary says Obama doesn't want to offend Chinese officials he will be visiting in a few days. Is this peace-action or catering to another evil empire? What ever happened at that get-together? Didn't hear any outcome-news.

What has Obama accomplished since being in office? Perhaps he is at an impasse with the puppeteers, those dudes behind the curtains who pull all the strings. For sure he has kept a bunch of speech writers busy crafting words for his endless scenarios. Perhaps they should have awarded Obama the prize for Literature.

To quote Michel Chossudovsky: "Granting the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama provides legitimacy to the illegal practices of war, to the military occupation of foreign lands, to the relentless killings of civilians in the name of "democracy".


  1. It was fairly obvious to some of us that Obama's eloquent speeches were directed towards the mass of ignorant folks across the US, most pointedly in the Southeast. How else would he have garnered the support needed to be the first black president of America? We realized who he is really would never come to fruition in the first term, and that as with all things political, and capitalistic, there are trade offs. I hope that after his presidential career is over the trade offs he has made will astound the world. He might be the most powerful man on the earth as the President of the U.S., however even in that position one can't have everything.

    All this said I too am struggling to understand the trade offs made for his cabinet appiontments.

    The Nobel Peace Prize historically has been given in areas of powerful influence and not just to those who were found in positions that made capable the avoidance of war. Obama has redirected the mindset of the World and swung the pendulum of Universal Thought in a directions moving towards peace. He did not start the war in Afghanistan and still he carries the buden of finding a way to finish it. That is not anti-peace; it's redirecting the inertial ignorant actions of an insane cowboy!

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  3. NO ONE ascends to the Presidency (US) without agreeing to the terms laid out by the global elites who select these creatures in the first place.

    'They' decide who we get to vote for.

    As long as we continue to support 'their' choices, we will never get our country back and we will never have peace....

  4. Well...
    He aint a change agent.